Summary of Litigation Services

We represent both Plaintiffs and Defendants in litigated matters regarding the validity of Will and Trust Documents, the meaning and legal effect of particular terms in documents, questions regarding the appropriateness of actions taken by Court appointed fiduciaries and Trustees, and claims against estates and Trusts, including claims for spousal elective share rights.

Our firm is known to represent litigants at all phases of a case, from confidential settlement agreements prior to a case being filed to published decisions before the State Supreme Court. We represented the successful Plaintiffs before the Kansas Supreme Court in the leading case which set the terms for undue influence litigation in the state. We also represented the surviving spouse in the most complex spousal inheritance rights decided by the Kansas Supreme Court, which addressed many rules on valuation of assets and procedural matters in those cases.

Our firm’s practice areas of estate planning consultation, drafting of estate planning documents, and probate and Trust administration, provide the invaluable background necessary to evaluate disputed matters and pursue the proper course of litigation.